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Market Research

Moving Minds (f.k.a. LHM) is a market research firm. Moving Minds conducts consumer surveys and polls as well as strategic research. Moving Minds delivers relevant insights and helps you convert research results into action.

The agency specializes in consumer behaviour analysis and consumer trends, focusing on the experiential drivers of modern-day utilitarian as well as leisure consumption.

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We help you get better insights, change perspective and develop powerful new strategies in a fast moving world.

Our latest news and research results
29 July 2018

Brexit & the British ski holiday

Many British travel operators are worried their businesses might get affected after Brexit is completed. LHM (now Moving Minds) was commissionned by SBIT to survey British travel businesses ...
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8 September 2017

The best ski resorts as seen from the UK

British skiers have a wide choice of ski resorts around the world. A good reputation can help a ski resort grow or defend market shares. LHM's proprietary survey reveals how British skiers rate and rank ski resorts in terms of reputation.
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