29 July 2018 /Tourism & Leisure

Brexit & the British ski holiday

Brexit could impact the way ski holidays are bought and sold. British travel operators are concerned by the uncertainty they are facing.


Facing uncertainty about the outcomes of Brexit negotiations between the British government and the European community, many British travel operators are worried their businesses might get affected, especially in the event of a “hard” Brexit (leaving them without the possibility of posting employees under the current Posted Workers Directive / A1).

LHM (now Moving Minds) was commissioned by SBIT (Seasonal Businesses in Travel), a group of over 200 outbound British travel and service companies (many are involved in the ski holiday market), to conduct a survey among British outbound travel brands and service companies using posted workers in the EU.

SBIT (Seasonal Businesses in Travel) is a group of over 200 British outbound travel operators and service companies. (sbit.org.uk)


The survey

An anonymized on-line survey was designed and fieldwork was conducted between 25th May and the 13th of June 2018.

Respondents, many of whom produce and sell ski holidays, were recruited through multiple channels in order to ensure representativity, e.g. by using ABTA, AITO, SBIT and LHM (Moving Minds) databases as well as direct research into independent and smaller companies.

SBIT issued following report on August 6th 2018.

SBIT Report Aug2108

We can forward the more detailed survey report on request.



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